The best joke I ever told

In my senior year of high school we had an assignment to rewrite Hamlet in a different theme. I can’t remember why anymore but I thought it would be an amazing idea to smash Hamlet with Looney Toons. I’m still pretty proud of the ideas that I had like Marviatio The Martian, or dueling with giant mallets.

There is one joke that will always be my favorite. Bugslet and his friends had just returned from The Carsades. The line I will always remember is “They laughed about how easy it was to color the stupid Inklishmen.” Ten odd years later and that line still makes me laugh out loud. I thought it was brilliant. I thought it worked on every level

The thing was that nobody got it. Not one person understood or thought that it was all that funny. I remember my English teacher writing in the margins “What does this mean?” And I don’t care. I still have this mental image of cartoon characters running around with giant paintbrushes coloring in a bunch of black and white Penman thereby converting them. That joke is uniquely mine. It makes me laugh. and was worth every blank stare and cocked eyebrow.