My top ten Game of Thrones predictions

1. Jon Snow is trapped in a box with a cat and a vial of poison. Shit about to get real.

2. Ramsay Bolton Snow will get what’s coming to him. He will loose a good chunk of taste buds on a particularly scalding batch of Sizzlin’ Shrimp in an episode that will be referred to as Pink Hibachi.

3. Tyrion and Daenerys will settle all disputes with a dance off. Personally I will be shouting at my TV “Go Dinklage, Go Dinklage, Go!”

4. Arya will give up her quest for vengeance and open a nice chain of resturants. The Hounds All You Can Eat Fried Chicken

5. Bran will become and Animorph. First the White Walkers. Then The Yeerks.

6. Jamie will find a way to magically re grow his hand. Sadly it will backfire. Hands Everywhere.

7. Cersai will continue to be a bitch. To everyone.

8. Sansa will realize that she is a strong independent woman who don’t need no man. She will write a tell-all book and make millions

9. The ghosts of Ned Stark And Tywain will start heckling everyone from the afterlife much like the old men from the Muppets.

10. Rickett will become King. It will be incredibly short lived.

Those are my predictions. What do you see happening?