Post #1 – Isn’t it grand?

For the first ever post on my new fancy blog space, I thought it’d be best to lay out what I want to accomplish with this blog.

To sell out, and merchandise the crap out of this.

Truly I will not be happy until I have plastered your bumpers with Spoony Bard stickers, plastered you with Spoony Bard shotglasses, and given you an outlet for your anger on Spoony Bard Plushies ( Now equipped with Spoony Bard kung fu grip!)

However, Dear Readers, my wife informs that before selling out that I’m going to have to create some content that make people…care. So I’ll be posting stuff that I find interesting and amusing in hopes that you will too. I’m sure before long I’ll be rolling in the (Spoony Bard Sugar Cookie) dough! (Now with thirty percent less asbestos!)

You’re Welcome┬áInternet. I know you’ve been waiting for me.