Awesome Thing #2 – Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes was a comic strip written by Bill Watterson that ran from 1985 to 1995. It was about a young boy and his best friend. A stuffed tiger who came alive when no one else was around. They got into adventures, and oftentimes mischief. They discussed things like philosophy, the meaning of life, the nature of humans, politics, and god. Plus they transmogified things.

I really can not overstate the impact Calvin and Hobbes had on me. I can remember going through the books when I was about three or four. I was trying to learn the words based off of the pictures. It was a large part of what made me want to become a writer. It’s probably responsible for my overdeveloped and likely misused vocabulary. And it gave me the gifts of humor and imagination. All things that I deeply want to pass down to my daughter.

Most of you probably know what I’m talking about. Even though it hasn’t been in syndication for 17 years now it still seems to keep in pop culture. Though if you don’t know I highly recommend you check out some of the books. Then you’ll know what I see when we see a cardboard box, snowmen or wagons. And that is that the possibilities are endless.

Awesome Thing #1

For my blog I want to write and highlight things that I like and enjoy. One of the thing I’m debuting is a new feature called “Awesome thing of the undefined time period until my next awesome thing.” Not only does it roll off the tongue in a fantastic fashion but it means that I can do it whenever the mood strikes me. And isn’t that the true purpose of blogging.

For this Awesome Thing of the undefined time period until my next Awesome Thing I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart, pie. Now we’re talking about the dessert or possibly breakfast if you have leftovers, not the mathematical concept. One of the things I like to ask people before I decide if we can truly be friends is how far they would be willing to drive (one way) in any direction for the world’s best pie. Those that answer that they don’t like pie shall be shunned. Shunned I Say! Personally I would drive three states in any direction. Since I live in Colorado cutting across the four corners counts as a freebie. So why is pie Awesome? Besides being a fantastic litmus test for friendship, the more buttery and flaky it gets the better it is. And you can literally put anything into it (as Sweeny Todd so eloquently showed us) and it’ll more than likely be delicious. So raise a glass of milk dear readers and choose your favorite flavor. Personally I’m getting the cherry.

PS: Picture of homemade pie forth coming for salavation purposes.