Awesome Thing #3 – Bioshock Infinite

I could gush about much of Bioshock Infinite. I could talk about how the story of Booker and Elizabeth moved me to tears. I could go on about how the floating city of Columbia was the most interesting virtual world I ever explored. I could even spoil the ending, and how it made me feel shocked, saddened, and inspired.

However this perfectly expresses how I fell. Bioshock Infinite took themes of heroism, patriotism, isolation and redemption and twisted them into something both familiar and unique. And I am glad that I experienced it.

The Geek Survival Pack

If you’re like me you spend large amounts of time wondering when you’re going to develop superpowers. The second thing you probably think about is when the Tardis, U.S.S. Defiant, or Going Merry finally comes to take you off to adventures unknown, what do you bring!? So I’ve compiled a helpful list of items to bring with you. All should be obtainable with help from your local time lord or replicator (though for the sake of storage issues you might want to start with some Capsules from the Capsule Corporation.)

A Browncoat

A Lightsaber


A Towel


Wil Wheaton

A Buster Sword


A Firebolt

A Babylon Candle

Red Koopa Shells

A Portal Gun

Chozo Armor

The Complete Weezer Discography